I am uncertain what led you to this place: nonchalant scrolling, the composition of uniqueness in the design, the cuteness of my precious little one (I may be a tad bias), or possibly even more so. Words your heart may have whispered when your mouth could not, and you need a gentle reminder that you are not alone and deeply loved.

No matter the reasoning behind your presence here, my story, although details and specifics may differ, I can assure, is very similar to you, in that every ounce of pain we endure can be molded into His purpose; one that can far exceed any plan we could sketch for ourselves. There is beauty within every detail and the molding along the way provides the most perfect expectation for our to be continued chapter.

& welcome!

Hello friend

March 18, 2021

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I prayed. For so very long, when my mouth would not utter words & I could not adequately voice the thoughts, my heart whispered intently upon the desire within & hope was spoken.

I Prayed.

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